Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures
Light Fixtures
A light fixture, or luminaire, is an electrical device used to hold and protect a lamp. All light fixtures include the fixture body and light socket. The light socket holds the lamp into position and allows for convenient replacement.

Fixtures require an electrical connection to supply power to the lamp. This can be accomplished with a simple plug and cord, or by direct AC line connection for permanent installations. The socket includes all the necessary components needed to securely hold and provide power to the lamp. This includes the terminal requirements specified by the lamp type.

Light fixtures can be designed to house just about any lamp type and lamp size, provided the fixture can support the necessary voltage and mounting requirements. Furthermore, enclosed and gasketed fixtures are available to protect the lamp from outdoor or harsh conditions.

RL70 Series Image
The RL70 industrial tube light provides broad, wide area illumination inside the machine compartment and is ideal for areas requiring a high output, linear fluorescent light source. This durable, waterproof (IP67) luminaire is available in varying lengths, with a variety of mounting options to fit a wide range of applications. Available with either glass or acrylic tubes, the RL70 is designed to illuminate hard to reach areas too small for traditional luminaire mounting. It is designed to be impervious to debris, coolants and lubricants found inside the machine compartment.
MACH LED PLUS is built to withstand volatile environments that may be present inside of a machine including exposure to harsh coolants, lubricants, flying debris, shock, or vibration. Its rugged anodized aluminum housing is extruded with ridges accommodating easy mounting as well as supporting premium heat-sinking properties. Designed with energy- and cost-savings of up to 70% and 60,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, the MACH LED PLUS line is a welcome upgrade to the traditional fluorescent tube lights used so often in machines today.
Provides maximum light output with low initial cost. Designed for instant turn-on and high illumination levels where H.I.D. costs are prohibitive. Used to illuminate construction sites, security areas, sports areas, sign lighting and other applications.
QL Series Features
  • Tempered Glass Lens Assembly—Thermal shock-and impact-resistant glass lens mounted in a die cast aluminum door frame
  • Cast Aluminum Housing—The cast aluminum body is designed with a specialized heat dissipating fin system for cooler operation
  • Versatile Mounting—The standard unit has a 1/2 inch swivel knuckle with cast construction for strength and durability
  • High Temperature Gasketing—A weathertight seal is provided by a high temperature silicone door gasket
  • Exclusive Socket System—This twopiece, high temperature socket allows easy relamping and prevents socket from binding
  • Reflector—Linear parabolic reflector system provides maximum light ou
  • High Temperature Gasketing—A weathertight seal is provided by a high temperature silicone gasket attached to the housing. Four lens clips positively seal the lens to the gasket with consistent pressure to assure a weathertight seal
  • Versatile Mounting—The standard unit has a 1/2 inch swivel knuckle with cast construction for strength and universal aiming
  • 5000K Color Temperature
  • 50,000 Hours Maintenance Free
  • 6W Power Consumption
ONE LED was developed with the purpose of providing maximum light with a minimal, no-frills housing. Designed as an all-purpose, waterproof LED area light, ONE LED can be used in the most confined spaces. The luminaire body acts as a heat-sink to dissipate heat away from the beam direction. ONE LED provides maximum LED light output using the latest LED chip-array technology. Despite its minimal housing design, ONE LED can operate at ambient temperatures of up to 120°F. ONE LED is also resistant to shock, vibration and continuous impact so prevalent in production and manufacturing environments.
FMV Series Image
  • Best Applied for Outdoor Industrial Locations
  • H.I.D. Luminaires
  • Three Mounting Styles Available
  • 85W or 165W Induction
  • 8 Different Mounting Options
  • With Globe and Guard
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